View from northwest







View from the east

(Grobnik - Kaštel)


View from the west

(Pićan - slap)






On way to summit









Almost there!


View from Vojak






The summit

with its machinery!




Now with Park priorde souvenir shop inside















Čepić Field

on "Istrian side" of Učka

(as politicians and those whom they managed to "educate" would call it)


Cres, Krk, Lošinj...

On "Rijeka's side"


(Actually, this is also "Istrian side")





Mala Učka

All houses were burned down, and all inhabitants that survived  left the village near the end of WWII


New ones

are being built next to the ruins






Blessed Mary's Church,

were people used to come on foot from central Istria during "Mary's month" (May)






View on Vojak

from Mala Učka.  


Near Mala Učka






Dane (left)

on the quiet, nearlz no'traffic  road between Lanišće & Mune 


Korita (below)




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