"Miracle" on the Hill

This unusually vast village for the area, or more precisely the two hills on each side of it, has become an attractive destination in recent years for three reasons:  1) A view on whole southern half of Istria from one of the hills and on Quarner as far as Rijeka from the other;  2) It's a good hiking distance from Labin and Raša, and way out of the traffic congestion, noise, and annoying neighbors!  3) It has its own mini miracle, called the Tears of St. Lucia.


Follow the Rocks

These stacked up rocks are markers that lead to the Tears of St. Lucia, since there is no clear paths... which suggests there haven't been many pilgrims, or hikers, pass here.








Tears of St. Lucia

Sure enough, after long, dry Summer, the water was still down there...




Some do believe... and hang their rosaries on the cross along the path to water (photo below)




















The Quarner Side

From the eastern hill you can enjoy the view on Quarner: Rabac, Liburnia, Učka, Rijeka, Krk, Cres, Lošinj, Unije, Susak...


On the "Istrian side",

While the hill west of the village, the one with Tears of St. Lucia, provides view on Istria, from Rasa to Pula and up to Rovinj







Skitača is practically deserted. People have left in search of a better life. Some wanted to return and rebuild their old homes, but under current system they are denied citizesnhip and the rights that come with it.

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