Getting there

Ferry at the quiet 2-ship port of Brestova


Drive along the island

and start discovering the beauties of a world we used to live in






Bjeloglavi sup

(white headed griffon)

lives only on Cres and one or two neighboring islands. This one walked along the road near Draguzetići.


Town of Cres







Dry walls at Lubenice

It's nice to see these walls preserved all over Cres. Even the roads remain "one lane", often with walls on both sides. Compliments to the authorities for not tearing them down (yet?) to widen the road



View through town gate

Old architecture remains intact








 that leads to a dead end, but with a some interesting views...



The Beach

is right down there - if you dare...







Sun dropping...

behind Istrian mainland



No sense leaving

the place before you see sunset.

The town charges 15 kuna to park in the parking lot at the entrance to town. This works very well since there is no other way. The only road between the town and the world is one lane wide and the streets are narrower then the smallest car..






As the sun goes out

on one side of the town the moon appears on the other



One wonders why they need to be so tall, here on top of the mountain!







in late afternoon








ORLEC - St. Anthony Chruch

(plaque bottom right on the photo)



Sveti Antun opat, zastišnik Orleca,

(redovnik pustinjak 200 poslije Krista)

Ovdje prikazan kako čuva životinje od bolesti.


Ovo je simbol mjesta:

- sup u letu

- dupini i more koji pretstavljaju otok

  • Scomigo-Orlec Giugno 2006






San Antonio

(Plaque bottom left on the photo)



San Antonio obate, patroneo di Orlec.

(monaco erernito del' 200 d.c.)

E' qui rapresentato nell'atto di proteggere gli animali

allontanando il male.


Due sono i simboli indicativi del luogo:

- il grifone vigilante

- i delfini ed il mare che identificano l'isola.

  • Scomigo-Orlec Giugno 2006

Associazione Picoli Cheramisti Scomigo


Cres (town) by night

A surprising sight after visiting other towns on the island, silent and asleep at this time of the day, with only sheep occasionally sounding their presence.


If you ask me, the entire island, with its dry walls, old houses and streets, sheep, deer and white headed griffons. wondering

on the roads, should be a protected area, with the town of Cress providing modern day necessities to the population.



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