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In 10 towns of Istria & Quarner, June 18 - June 30, 2008



Gračišće: Perfection in Hospitality


"Mala općina za vele fešte" did it again! The smallest and newest MIK host town won the vote of MIK team in competition for best organization (along with Mali Lošinj) for the 2nd year in a row. The attendance in Gračišće was five times the population of the town. The effort and imagination that went into making MIK participants feel welcome, appreciated, and comfortable were unforgettable, and (with all due respect to other towns), refreshing. Their guests were clearly refreshed in the true sense of the word also, and despite the extreme Summer heat. Gračišće is too small to have its own folklor groups or wind orchestra, so they brought them from Tinjan and Pazin. The happy Feštari from Trsat were also on hand to cheer thing up even more.

The road through Gračišće was closed for all non-MIK traffic


Balun on main road by guests from Tinjan


Trsački feštari


Caravan heads for the town


Balun dancers from Tinjan


Approaching the town gate


Mayor Mijandrušić greets the participants and invites them into the town


MIK participants enter first


Inside, a wonderful display of old fashioned hospitality


Kroštule or fritule? Few of each and you can't go wrong!


Guys from Klapa Maslina: This is worth showing in Šibenik


Some late arrivals... Missed balun & fritule...


...but made it for some refreshments at Konoba Marino


Lead by their general... or admiral, or something...


...Trsački feštari take positions around the bar... and the singing continued


...while the pros head for rehearsal


All big feštas end with fireworks. MIK was no exception



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