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Vesna Nežić Ružić

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News & Small Talk


The Festival was expanded this year to take place in 10 host towns compared to 7 in 2006. This was probably one of the results of 2006 success in providing more then the usual number of great songs. In Pula and Rijeka the concerts were moved to larger seating areas, to Forum and Korzo respectively.


MIK is where old and traditional meets new and young - in music, lyrics and audience. It's easy to notice that while MIK audience is predominantly middle age, the age of the singers ranges from teens to seventies. While at the MIK concerts the younger crowd is a minority, at local celebrations, especially in Liburnia, that same crowd flocks to the squares where that same music, or similar, is played by local bands and the incomparable Lovran Wind Orchestra


First time host in 2007 is the town of Gračišće. "Mala općina za vele fešte" (small township for big shows), as it's often called, Gračišće, doesn't even have an "industrial zone"...with polluters coming to make quick profit, but it has a lot of old, and new. Istrian spirit, which comes to life in form of wine tasting festival, rough terrain racing, harmonica festival, and good home made food restaurants.


MIK 2007 Anniversaries, as reported by Novi list, are:

- 40 years since MIK became a "traveling" festival (1967),

- 30 years since most towns hosted concerts (15 in 1977), 

- 10 years since the start of "Kartuline z MIK-a".

Here are two more:

- 30 years since the first MIK appearance by Vesna Nežić Ružić. She takes that event as the beginning of her singing career. She had been singing  before that, but MIK is MIK! A few years later Vesna won first place with the song "Kanat od vina".


New album "Zakantajte z MIK-on" or MIK MIX1, is now on sale. It seems strange that it took this long to put together a collection of good MIK songs, but "better late then never". The CD should "sell itself" - since audiences themselves chose these songs with their vote at the festivals. MIK MIX2 will be recorded later this year (2007). Stay tuned!


Mama, papa and baby girl: Among the 22 songs, selected for MIK 2007, there is one dedicated to the mother and one to the father. Karin Kuljanić will sing "Materine ruke" (Mother's Hands), and Vivien Galetta "Moj otac" (My Father). MIK 2006 had a song, "Mojoj hćeri" (To My Daughter), by Mirjana Bobuš, which brought tears to many eyes in the audience.


Josefina and Trio Rio are back! They had to cancel their MIK 2006 appearance because of conflict in schedule: When MIK dates were finalized the trio realized that at the time of the festival they would be singing in Germany. The young and rising star, Ivana Marcelja was then given their song "Boća i bulin" and took 3rd place by popular vote at the concert in Rijeka, and 5th place overall... but, Welcome back, Jozefina & Trio!


Labin, surprisingly enough, had a decent share of songs (and singers) at MIK. Here are some: "Labinski kovari" (1069), "Labinjonka i Labinjon" (1970), "Otakalnica" (1977), "Ko more i zemja" (2000), "Črni libar" (2004), "Dvo tri koraka do sunce" (2006)... And, Robert Ferlin (MIK's master of ceremony) is determined to learn the important grammatical rule: Labinjon-Labinjani, Labinjonka-Labinjonke (or Labinjonki).



Labinjonka Eleonora Turčinović came to MIK 2005 with the beautiful song "Dvo tri koraka do sunca" (text by Danijel Načinović). She said the real reason for her participation that year was the song in Labinjonski and about Labin. A few months later, Eleonora, along with Vesna Nežić Ružić, performed at, and helped organize, the 30th Anniversary celebration of the Rudar Club - New York. That night she adopted her (& group Kristali's) repertoire to the occasion, singing almost entirely Istrian songs. It can be done ...and it can be fun!