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Vesna Nežić Ružić

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Gračišće - Mala općina za vele fešte  (Little town for big events)



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& already a winner

By the vote of the MIK participants, the 2007 Award for the Best Organization and Hospitality went to Gračće & Mali Lošinj

Karin Kuljanić, representing the MIK team, announced the decision and presented the awards to the mayors Nino Mijandrušić and Gary Capelli


Town Walk













While looking over the Program, someone in the audience in Rijeka asked the person in the next seat: "Where is Gračišće?" The the answer was: "I don't know, somewhere in Istria". Well, MIK put  Gračišće on the map...

We followed the map and, upon entrance to the 2000 year old town, we stopped at Istarska konoba Marino - to have coffee and palačinke. But since palačinke weren't on their menu they brought us a table basket-full of fritule and kroštule - on the house.