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Vesna Nežić Ružić

Gina Picinic

Tamara Obrovac

Maja Blagdan

Elio Pisak



Vesna Nežić Ružić

Karin Kuljanić

Galiano Pahor (1955-2008)




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Appearing at town squares, piers & promenades near you...



July 6

Plomin luka (Ribarska fešta)

Cocktails Band


July 7

Lovran (Ribarska noć)



July 8

Kastav (Kastafsko kulturno leto)

M Battifiaca, K. Kuljanić,

D. Kedžo, R. Grubišić


July 10

Lovran (Lovransko kulturno leto)

Puhački orkestar Lovran -

Lovran Wind Orchestra


July 13

Bakar  (Dani Margarite)  Slide Show

M. Bobuš, M.Battifiaca,  K. Kuljanić,

Robert Grubišić


July 14


(Novigrad-Cittanova Music Nights)

Hosts: Tamara Obrovac &

Dražen Turina (Šajeta)


July 20


(Koncert "Veprinac za svojeh")

Many local singers & bands


July 20


M. Bobuš, M. Batifiacca,

K. Kuljanić, R. Grubišić


July 21

Beli  (Dani tramuntane)  Slide Show

K.Kuljanić, M. Batifiacca,

D. Jeličić & grupa Bonaca

  Spring 08 NY/NJ (Primorska noć)

M. Bobuš, M. Batifiacca,

K. Kuljanić, R. Grubišić, Gina Picinic


 2007 Events Gallery








March 29

Astoria, NY (IMAS Benefit Concert)

Primorska noć team            


April 5

New Hyde Park, NY (Women's Club of Otok Krk30th Anniversary)

Primorska noć team


April 6

Fairview, NJ (Susak Klapa Dance)

Primorska noć team


May 11

Roč (Z armoniku v Roč)

Triestina players, Gustafi


May 23

Krk  (Eko etno i vinofest)

Folk singers & dancers, Primorska noć


May 25

Lanišće  (Zarozgajmo na Ćićariji)

Folk singers & musicians



Report:  "Primorska noć", NY/NJ, March 29 - April 6

Galleries IMASWomen's Club of  O. KrkSusak Klapa





Z armoniku v Roč

For the 7th year this town, known for its Glagolithic past, hosts the mini festival of accordion music, or more specifically, Triestina music, performed by  folks musicians from all parts of Istria, as well as winners of Triestina competitions in all are categories, from near and far. This year they were all from Italy and Slovenia.

KUD "Željezničar" Roč


Guest from Slovenia, in Triestina champions category


Big voice from somewhere in Istria


Junior champion from Italy with a future champion



Etno, eko i Vinofest, Krk

A 3-day festival of music, dance, and exhibits of domestic food and wine products, with participation of folklore groups from Krk and Istria, as well as big and little stars of contemporary chakavian music from the region. Special treat to the spectators was the performance by the dance group "Mići Boduli", which was followed by equally young local singers and finally by the champions of chakavian song, the quartet Battifiaca-Bobuš-Grubišić-Kuljanić.

"Mići Boduli"


Malo veći Boduli


Future MIK stars


Carmela after giving instructions for next song


The magnificent Karin Kuljanić



Zarozgajmo na Ćićarij, Lanišće

At the initiative of Bruno Krajcar and Vladimir Pernić, Lanišće hosted the first Festival of Originating Music (Somtra izvorne muzike). Beside Istrian performers from Lanišće, Kršan, Žejane, and Krk, there was a group from Babina greda, Slavonia with old songs from their area. For the visitors, the event will also be remembered as one that had happiest, friendliest and most hospitable host(esse)s.

One of the organizers & and MC, Vladimir Pernić

(who was lead the Triestina show Z armoniku va Roč)


Folklore group from Lanišće


Duo from "Zlatela" group, Kršan



Young folklorists from Lanišće


Dancers from Žejane


After show dancers from Tupljak

(one with bad knee... or so he said)


Hostess-1: singing along with the band


Hostess-2: bringing refreshments & smiles