Rijeka, June 24, 2006


The Program




ČIGOVI  (Alen Polić)        LISTEN        NEXT        PROGRAM        HOME


Music: Robert  Pilepić

Texti: Radovan Tadej/Robert Pilepić

Arrangement: Sergio Salečić


Čigove su mačke?  To naše su mačke.

Čigovi su pasi?  To naši su pasi.

Čigove su kuće?  Čigovi privrati?

 Zapravo, čigovi ste vi?

Čigove su krave? To naše su krave.

Čigovi su telci?  To naši su telci.

Čigove su lihe? Čigovi su dolci?

Zapravo, čigovi ste vi?”


Whose are cats, dogs, houses,

yards, cows, fields…

in fact, whose are you?



Not much in terms of a story but Alen sticks with a melody based on Istrian music, and  brings back memory of the one time village life, both in words and music. On MIK 1997 he was joined by his 70+ years old nona, who sang the “trajna nina nena” part of his song. “Čigovi” won the award for best applied Istrian melody.








MOJI ŠKOJI  (Duško Jeličić)        LISTEN        NEXT        PROGRAM        HOME


Music: Duško Jeličić,

Text: Duško Jeličić

Arrangement: Aleksandar Valenčić



Lepi ste mi, moji škoji,

ča brodite kako brodi

po Kvarnere plavem.

Ja vas gjedan z Učke gori,

ka smeje se i govori:

moji škoji, moji otroci.”


You are beautiful, my islands, as you sail

through Kvarner Bay like ships.

I watch you from Učka Mountain,

which smiles and speaks:

My islands, my children...


Duško always writes his own songs,  and they are always about  people and things he sees around - which is Opatija and vicinity. I can imagine him going to Učka on one clear day, looking down toward Krk, Cres, Lošinj, Unije...and thinking: this could be a song for the next MIK.

All I can come up with in that situation is to snap a photo ...

...or two.








CI COCO (Rivers)        LISTEN        NEXT        PROGRAM        HOME



Music: Tamara Obrovac
Text: Tamara Obrovac
: Tamara Obrovac


 “Andiri baci ci coco’,

la civetta sul como’
che voleva far l’amore’

con la figlia del dottore.
Il dottore la trovo,

andiri baci ci coco’.
Il dottore la trovo,

andiri baci ci coco’.”

Lipa mala moja, kantaj, daj, daj.

Daj, daj, zakantaj!

Tan ta na na na naj,

tan ta na na na naj

The song marks Tamara’s first MIK appearance, with a lively song based on Istrian folks music in two languages and styles - and she couldn't find better singers ffor it then Rijeka's "seasoned" group "Rivers", with previous MIK experience. At her ethno jazz concert in NYC she was totally modest about MIK debut as author, saying “I gave it a shot - we’ll see how it goes”, The song won 2nd   place commission of judges award.







NIŠ NA SVITU LIPŠE NI'J  (Gina)        LISTEN        NEXT        PROGRAM        HOME



Music: Andrej Baša

Text: Robert Pilepić 

Arrangement: Andrej Baša



“O lipoj noći sakoga jutra povida mi val,

lipo va grani ulike stare kanta maestral,
lipo va vrtu od none Tonke bašelak diši.

Za tu lipotu, anđele moj, ne bimo znali mi,
ni sunce ne bi zbudilo dan, da nima ljubavi.”


Every morning waves tell me

about the beautiful night,

in old olive tree maestral sings,

in grandma Tonka’s garden pretty flowers smell.

We would never know about this beauty

if it wasn’t for our love...


Gina lives in our NJ Islands community and sings on both sides of the Atlantic. Her debut on MIK was in 2002 with “Sansego gradiću”, a song about the town of her origins, She has many fans just about everywhere where the MIK "caravan" passes. In Kastav, they still remember her MIK victory in 2003, with the song “Da mi je s tobun prošećat”, which she sang with muška klapa “Kastav”. On the other side of the “pond”, she can be heard and seen at Croatian youth festivals and helping people back home by performing at fund raising events. A pleasant, friendly, down to earth young lady, who also brought to MIK a trusted and reliable fan – her mom.







BAMBOLA (Alen Lazarić)        LISTEN        NEXT        PROGRAM        HOME


Music: Duško Rapotec – Ute

Text: Robert Pilepić

Arrangement: Duško Rapotec – Ute



Kad mislin da si ko anđeo,

 va tebi zbudi se vrag, 

pa me bušuješ, z manun se igraš,

se ča iman zameš,

pa se od sebe daš.”


Just as I think you're an angel,

the devil in you wakes up

and you kiss me, play with me,

and take all I got,

then you give all you've got.



Alen is appears at many town festivities in Istria, and is a steady MIK "representative" from Labin (Kršan), often with his own songs - and his own guitar! From one MIK to another Alen switches between traditional and modern rhytms. This time he went with the modern.







MOJOJ HĆERI  (Mirjana Bobuš)        LISTEN        NEXT        PROGRAM        HOME

Music: Mirjana Bobuš,  Text: Mirjana Bobuš,  Arrangement: Robert Grubišić


Rekli su stari ljudi: leh se obrneš, a život pasa.

A ja se još nis ni obrnula, a ti si, dušo, vela narasla.

Sad s tobun povedan, ma se i bojin da mi bižiš, 

a ko da'j čera bilo, a ko da'j čera bilo da se za me držiš.”


People used to say: you turn around and life is gone by.

And I didn’t even turnaround and you darling grew up.

Now I’m talking to you but I’m afraid you’re running away,

and it looks like it was yesterday when you were holding on to me.



What a beautiful piece of poetry dressed in beautiful music! Nello Milotti once said: a song is like a pretty women (text) that  needs to be dressed in beautiful clothes (music) to look even better. Mirjana wrote the text and the music for her song, and Robet Grubišić did the arrangement. The song was written shortly after Mirjana revealed in and interview for "Novi list" that she had been diagnosed with a serious disease, at which time her first reaction was: "Who is going to take care of my daughter? She barely finished high school". Where else in the world of music can you find that!

Mirjana is a staunch fighter for our dialect and music, both on and off stage. In her songs there is everything the eyes can see and the heart can feel when one lives on Kvarner.







POLA SON QUA (Galiano Pahor)        LISTEN        NEXT        PROGRAM        HOME


Music: Bruno Krajcar,  Text: Valmer Cusma,  Arrangement: Aleksandar Valenčić



“La mattina co se alsava el sol,

un ventisel  portava l' odor
dei mandoleri e dei moreri,

dei orti de Castagner.

Un soffio me pareva caresar,

lo respiravo e me sentivo inebriar.
Quei tempi visioni smaride pagine care

dei anni ingiallide.”

In the morning when sun comes out,

a breeze brings smell

from the gardens of almond and blackberry

from gardens in Castagner.

A dash of air seems to caress me.

I took a breath and felt like getting drunk.

Visions of old times, dear pages

with years faded away…”

Although frail looking, after a difficult surgery a few months earlier, singing at this beautiful pier, Galiano’s powerful voice filled the festive ambience of his new hometown, as he remembered, in the song, his childhood days in his native Pula. He was clearly on home turf, both in the song and on the stage – which was not far form “Ivan Zajc” theatre, where he works as an actor, director, singer… This year Galiano returned to MIK after several years of absence and was awarded 3rd place by the commission of judges…but who can forget his 1995 performance with a group of children (Morčići) in the humorous real life song “Delan, delan” - one of my favorites when I go back to watch old video tapes.







LIPO TIĆI MI KANTAJU (Vesna Nežić - Ružić)<        LISTEN        NEXT        PROGRAM        HOME

Music: Nello Milotti,  Text: Ljubica Bestulić-Stanković,  Arrangement: Aleksandar Valenčić

“Vidila san noćas, u snu, zeleni se naša njiva,

i od sriće ča me vidi  mati svoju suzu skriva.

Žali mi se, u po glasa, da njoj srce tuče jače,

od kada je uvenula  stara ulika srid drače.”


“I saw in my dream our field turn green,

and my mother hiding a tear of happiness

to see me.

She laments to me in a low voice

that her heart beats faster

since the old olive tree died…”

Another song that awakens nostalgia for the world we left behind, performed in modern Istrian tune, created by Nello Milotti as he was approaching 60 years of work on preserving Istrian musical heritage.

With her  regular appearances since 1982, Vesna is becoming another MIK legend, representing the “I” part of  “MIK”, i.e. the Istrian side, both in lyrics of the songs and in melody. She is one of the best known Istrian singers in our North American community, where she was invited to perform numerous times, both solo and with other Istrian music stars of our times: Sergio Pavat, roženice masters Franko Kos and duo Magnolija, Eleonora...







POKORA LJUBAVI  (Karin KuljanićAlen Vitasović)        LISTEN        NEXT        PROGRAM        HOME

Music: Robert Grubišić,  Text: Mirjana Bobuš,  Arrangement: Robert Grubišić


Nemoj me nikad pozabit!  I kad ti dažji speru put,

moja te jubav pelje sakud.
Va škuroj noći će svitit, dušu ti steplit…”

Don’t ever forget me! And when rains wash out your trace,

my love will lead you everywhere…

give you light during dark nights, warm up your soul…


A great addition to Karin's collection of romantic songs with local linguistic and lyrical flavor from previous MIK's. The duo looked like the "dream team" of MIK 2006 (not to take anything away from the "3 Tenors" and Tamara-Neno teams). Both started appearing at MIK festival in early 1990's, and immediately became MIK's "regulars".


Alen is from Vodnjan, a town of many singers (Gustafi, Magnolija, Tone Vitasovic-Livi...) Karin is Kvarners sweetheart from Rijeka. He says "če-neče" - she says "će-neće".  He brought music in dialect of Istria and Kvarner to the national audience - she made it one notch prettier with a distinct sound of her voice and graceful stage presence.








ZEMLJO SUNCA, ZEMLJO SNA  (Maja Blagdan)        LISTEN        NEXT        PROGRAM        HOME


Music: Andrej Baša,

Text: Daniel Načinović,

Arrangement: A. Baša



Zemljo sunca, zemljo sna! 

Istro nepozabljena!

 Meni dala si sve...
A ča moren sada ja

Zemljo sunca, zemljo sna! 

Zakantati nina nena-naj...



Istria, land of sun and dreams!

Land never forgotten!

You gave me everything…

And what can I do now…

but sing nina nena-naj




The words from the only non-Istro-Kvarnerian singer at the Festival, but singing as enthusiastically as if she was. A native of Split, Maja praised the organizers and other singers for making her feel at home, and enjoy more then at any other festival.










(Mirko Cetinski - Voljen Grbac - Joso Butorac)


Music: Robert Grubišić
Text: Mirjana Bobuš
: Robert Grubišić



Prošeći se z manun po Kvarneru,
Opatija s kamelijami spi,
Od Costabelle do Delte i Sušaka,
Rika svoja jutra broji.

Prošeći se z manun po Kvarneru,
Moja je duša zdola sakog kamika,
Priko mosta Pušća i Omišalj,
K'o dva oka Zlatnog otoka…”


Come on a tour of Kvarner with me…

Opatija, Rijeka from Costabella to Sušak,

then Bakar, Kraljevica, Omišalj

My soul is under every stone...

Something like watching across the bay

from the balcony in Upper Lovran!


In an astounding performance, the “3 tenors” and MIK veterans, nearly brought the audience to ecstasy as the powerful combined sound of their voices rose from the center of  chakavian capital" over the top of Kvarner triangle. At appropriate times they mimicked the Pavarotti-Domingo-Carreras trio, to the delight of the already ecstatic crowd. After the festival, Voljen Grbac had this to say:  “I’m happy that this will bring our songs back to our taverns.



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