Rijeka, June 24, 2006


The Fashion Show

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Designers: Livio Šimetić & Sandra Brajković Fonović      

Models: Paula Tomić, Darjana Iljkić, Ivana Radić, Ivana Mamilović, Phillip Kleva, Saša Obrenović








Other Stars of MIK 2006


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Ana Kabalin

Rock singer from Rijeka

entertained the public during intermission, performing Italian-chakavian piece called "Menefrego"


Mario Lipovšek

better known as Battifiaca, singing his 2nd placed MIK 2005 song "Del tebe"   LISTEN













MIK's already legendary background vocalist group provides a delightful sound and visual support on the festival stage. I don't know how they manage to learn the  words, the music, and the movements,  for nearly all the songs in relatively short time, but they do!





MIK Festival Orchestra

Simply "The Best!" among festival orchestras in Croatia, according to people who know  - The 3 Tenors".  





Barbara Kolar

& Robert Ferlin

Masters of Ceremony

It's hard to imagine MIK without Robert - and this year his job was reported to have gotten easier because of Barbara.





Andrej Baša

Festival Director

is another MIK legend. He has been writing songs for the Festival  since early 1970's, including "classics" like "Na kantunu", "Niš bez medežije", and many others.

This time, with  "Zemljo sunca, zemljo sna", Baša received two awards: First place for the arrangement and the third popular vote place...and a big applause for running this one of a kind Festival with so much energy, determination, and success.





Vojko Obersnel

Mayor of Rijeka

Not without pride, the popular mayor of the "chakavian capital" reminded the audience that his town hosted more MIKs and more final concerts then any other town. Wake up Pula! One MIK  every 13 years just doesn't "cut it"!








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