Rijeka, June 24, 2006


Festival s dušom – Festival with Soul


THIS WAS NO ORDINARY CONCERT to the audience that filled the "Karolina Riječka" pier to hear and see the MIK 2006 finale. One part of being there was listening to the songs - which were created because people on and behind the stage love Istria and Kvarner. The other part was the feeling of participation, with the performers, in giving new life to our dialects and music. One of the singers put it this way when I told her how much we enjoyed watching the concert: "I am glad you enjoyed it, and participated, and supported our beautiful ča". Creating these pages was a way to relive that unforgettable evening and to pay tribute to the wonderful performers and creators of MIK 2006.


THE PERFORMERS  "gave all they've got", and the audience loved every note and every word coming from the beautifully created stage. They enjoyed each other's company and supported each other despite being "officially" in competition for the votes. The only complaint they had about the 8-day,  7-town tour  was the one day break they had to take - because of a silly World Cup game that didn't go "as planned" anyway. Someone among them suggested - and others agreed, that they would have preferred to sing at a benefit concert instead of having the day off.


JOY AND TEARS - and tears of joy, are inescapable parts of MIK experience. At one point, during the concert in Rijeka, a woman in the audience noticed that the woman sitting next to her was discretely wiping tears off her cheeks. She pulled a facial tissue out of her handbag and passed it to the neighbor. Two songs later, they looked at each other again. Now both were in tears. The one that was wiping her cheeks before was somewhat surprised because by now she knew that her neighbor wasn't from the area. She asked: "You are crying too?" And the other replied: "Yes, but not about this song – because it’s in Italian and I don’t understand the words - I’m still crying from the previous one." The current song was Pola son qua”, and the preceding one was  Mojoj hćeri.


And that's  why MIK is often called Festival with Soul.









Rijeka, June 26, 2006



















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Top: Ivana Marčelja, Klapa "Grobnik",... Centre: Eleonora Turčinović, Vesna Nežić-Ružić, Gina Picinić, Mirjana Bobuš, Robert Grubišić, .....
Bottom: Alen Vitasović., Karin Kuljanić, Mirko Cetinski, Mirko Tolja, Dance Group "Flame"...


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