Kastafsko kulturno leto 2009






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"Jedva čekam da svih zagrlim pjesmom"

"I can't wait to hug everyone with the song", wrote Karin Kuljanić the day before her concert in Kastav, at which she also introduced her first album. People who follow her appearances can recognize in this simple sentence her desire to give credit for her accomplishments to others, which was obvious all through the concert. Yet, it was clear that she put her heart, soul - and brain into it, to produce an event that will remain in memory and hearts of those who attended for a long time. The concert was "amazing", as one of the American attendees described it to her sister in New York. "You have to come here and go to one of Karin's concerts", she suggested through the phone.



Hugging everyone with song:

 the fans, friends, co-workers, students, clients, and many she didn't know personally, who came to Kastav's Crekvina  to be part of another chapter in Karin's Štorija od života (Story of Life), the introduction of her first, needless to say, all-chakavian, album, named - Štorija od života!




Mario Lipovšek - Battifiaca


Mirjana Bobuš


Robert Grubišić


Andrej Babić & Martina Majerle, two of the legendary MIK background singers


More Kuljanić talent: Karin's sister Astrid, vocalist with "Mildreds" jazz group


Kvartet Veljak: Maja, Nataša, Vid, Valter


The Band



and hugs, and laughter and tears

...But first, birthday cake for Andrej... who was caught by total surprise. Privately, Karin said:

"Friends are most important to me"


Martina & Karin, two of the MIK's top beauties


Whether the half-time change into something shorter was another trick in the mastery of concert making, or a new direction, remains to be seen! In any case, the audience loved it. It looked classy and beautiful (would be hard to imagine anything less!), and not provocative as comments from the stage friends might have suggested... But those were also part of the entertainment.


After a few of his usual funny comments Mario turned serious when he said to Karin:

"Your artistic and intellectual achievements aside, we love you for what you brings out of your heart"


It's MY cake!


Prošeći se z manun po Kvarneru

Mario, nastavi kantat dokle ne najden Mirjanu


Sad smo kmpletni, sva 3 Terora, za prošećat


The concert was structured and  spontaneous, entertaining and emotional, simple and sophisticated...

or simply, amazing!


Materine ruke

Vid Veljak, the other star of "Materine ruke" (MIK 2007), and Valter Veljak


"Why the tears?, You've been listening to the song for two years?" The answer:

"Listening the song form the CD is not the same as watching Karin sing it."

...but it's the next best thing!


There are concerts where people cheer, wave flags, scream... This one was where the songs and words touched their hearts. They cried and laughed and applauded. Karin responded with joy, appreciation, and gratitude.


Flowers from Kastav... where where area traditions continue to live and prosper in word and music


Fifteen years after her first appearance at MIK, and five years after the announcement of her first album (CD was planned for the winter of 2004), Karin finally had her day, the first concert of her own, classy, entertaining and emotional. People who love music of Istria and Kvarner got their all-"po domaću" album, 20 beautiful songs, including five that they had already proclaimed winners at MIK and Melodije Kvarnera festivals.



Mojoj Gei, ti si ljubav moja s'a!

Hvala mojim roditeljima i Astrid, i velikoj otočkoj obitelji koja se rasprsla na sve strane svijeta.



The inside back cover of the CD contains perhaps the world's longest CD Thank You list, preceded by the following:


Svim dragim ljudima ki vole naš ča, veliko Hvala
ča ste me zeli sobun sakamo!

...and ended with:

"Zahvaljujem... svim mojim Cresanima, Lošinjanima, Merikanima, ČAkavcima..."


Hvala i tebi, Karin...

ča već petnajs let s nami diliš lipotu tvojega glasa i naše besede

,,, ki nas drže za ovi naš lipi kraj.


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