Biranje župana na leto dan





What are čivere doing on Mayor's table?

Answer 2 images down


The Caucus

Election of Župan is preceded by a brief questions and answers session


Also, in preparation for the inauguration of the new Župan...

the wine barrel has to brought into the Loggia


Four strong judges/electorates perform that important task




Barrel in the Logia, Election can begin

Beside the barrel of wine, there seems to be also pršut attached




Last voting instructions


There are 2 candidates in the race

Votes are marked with "kosir" on a 4-sided baton (called raboš)...


... with 2 distinctly different sides assigned to the two candidates


The 9 judges (the book says 12) take turn voting


All 9 (or 12) votes are entered (carved in the baton)

and the counting begins


There was also on the spot recount, but result remains

Don't we wish Florida had these voting machines in 2000!


The new Župan...


receives the župan's baton (župansku palicu)

from the outgoing Župan


Note: this is not the voting baton (raboš)  but the one Župan uses during his term


Elected Župan makes brief speech,

then issues his first executive order...


... to pour wine in bukalete


Then he toasts...


 ... and passes bukaleta to old Župan and other judges


Election ceremony then continues... cheese, pršut and bukaleta pass through the crowd

of good citizens of Hum and their guests