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Gina Picinic, known as the "Croatian Sensation", is originally from Susak, Croatia, but has resided in the United States since 1994. She is most known for her specific tone of voice, as well as her vibrato.


The "Croatian Celine Dion" debuted in the Croatian Children's Festival in New York, at the age of 14. At this festival she met her producer, Andrej Baša,who presented her the chance to pursue her dream as a singer on his festival, MIK (Melodies of Istria & Quarner).


In 2002, her song Sansego gradiću (Susak Town) went to the airwaves to become the "anthem" of her home island. The following year she competed at Dora, the largest competition for Eurovision, where she came in fourth place. The same year she won for the best vocal interpretation at the Croatian Youth Festival in New York. In the Summer, with the song Da mi je s tobun prošećat (If Only I Could Walk with You), Gina broke the record on the Croatian radio stations, having two hit singles on the top chart. In June 2004, Gina won the award for Best Teen Soloist at the New York International Music Festival. She performed in the Split Festival in Split, Croatia in 2005 and 2006, winning fourth place.


Gina also dedicated her time and talent to organizations and fundraisers like I.M.A.S. (Islands Medical Assistance Society), usually held in March, to help raise money for dialysis patients in Croatia and for improvements in medical services for people on small islands, including her native Susak.


Gina Picinic drawa fans internationally, from Europe (Italy, Germany, Switzerland) to North America (Canada and the United States), even though her songs are sung in Croatian. In 2007 Gina returned from MIK Festival with the No. 1 "Croatian Song of the Year" Barka lipog imena (Beautifully Named Boat).


Gina is currently majoring in English and Music. Her hobbies consist of drawing, attending Broadway shows and concerts at Metropolitan Opera and Carnegie Hall. She also enjoys going to museums and galleries.