3rd Učka Fair - Poklon, 6.9.2009











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To start with the bad news, the 3rd brought more crowds from both sides of the mountain, which resulted in long traffic lines from the entrance into the tunnel to the top of the mountain. Also, some delicacies at the stands "disappeared" quickly. The rest was all fun and pretty much along the lines of last year's program, although a bit more modest in number of entertainers and animal shows and richer in domestic products offerings: wines, prosciutto, pecorino, honey, grappa, souvenirs.

The setting is quite unique: in the forest not far from the summit, with view on Rijeka, and with the cross as a reminder of the old days when Assuncion Day pilgrims from all over Istria walked across Učka mountain to Trsat. This was the place from where they first saw their destination in the stopped here to bow as they first got the view of their destination, still in the distance, and bowed to Blessed Mother of Trsat. Why is the cross dedicated first to Cardinal Stepinac then to the Pope, and last to Istrian pilgrims who actually walked these grounds to get to Rijeka and then up the stairway on their knees to Trsat, only God and the Establishment know! In any case, the name Poklon (Bow) came from the word "poklon", the bow (to something). Although only the name of the place, not the fair itself, has anything to do with the pilgrims, let this page be dedicated to them.

Since the biggest difference between 2008 and this fair was in the entertainment department, this page contains only photos of that part of the program. Everything else can be viewed at www.istrianexperience.com/uckafair



The Lovran Wind Orchestra, which opened the program, will celebrate its 100th Anniversary in 2012


Folklorno društvo Pazin performed traditional songs and dances of central Istria








Special guest: Naj-koza (an award winning goat from central Istria)


... and so were New Yorkers from Trget, Ika, Lovran... with hometown friends





Tasha                    Bruno Krajcar


       Lidia Percan 

Guitarist-pianist-accordionist, singer, lyrics writer, poet, novelist, literary critic, etc., D. Načinović



More Tascia. You didn't think I would post only one or two photos of her. did you?


Two fans join Daniel on stage... to "help" with "Va Opatije/In Abbazia"



Lady in black/beige: the most enthusiastic Učka dancer 2nd year in a row...




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